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The Factory

‘Tis the season to build great things together.

This holiday season we invite you into our revenue factory and the story of how one idea can transform everything...

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  • John Common CEO, Intelligent Demand
  • Randy Frisch CMO, Uberflip
  • Craig Rosenberg Co-Founder, TOPO
  • Paige Montgomery Senior Marketing Manager, ID.
  • Kent Ragen VP Channel & Sales, Demandbase
  • Carlos Hidalgo TEDx & International Speaker
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In a far-away world, some other dimension, stands a factory building new revenue engines.


Staffed with a team who started so bold, are now stuck in routine and have sadly plateaued.

Strategy to tactics, carrots to sticks, execution is so very 2006.


They did all the right things, hit the target and scaled, but now no one is engaged with marketing or with sales.


While routine is what’s comfortable and innovation a risk, change agents won’t tire until problems are fixed.


And more than strategy, the follow-through to completion; they’ll roll up their sleeves, jump in the deep end.


Put themselves out there, let the chips fall where they may, let the world know they have something to say.


Innovation is exciting and worth the reward, try something new, start keeping score.


The results are the reason we got into the game, to do something inspired, not more of the same.


From us at ID, we’re wishing success, to all of you change agents doing your best.


Happy Holidays

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