A Pragmatic Guide for ABM in 2020
Expert advice for establishing ABM at your company and driving fast impact

Account based is crossing the chasm from early adopters to early majority. Those early majority companies and marketers need a safe, fast path into account based that is pragmatic, rooted in best practice, and that will actually deliver fast results when budget, time, and resources are limited.

Led by Intelligent Demand CEO John Common and TOPO Senior Analyst Eric Wittlake, this webinar is for companies and marketers who are using account based tactics but haven’t yet been the able to connect the dots for an integrated account based program. Leveraging insights and market metrics from TOPO’s 2019 Account Based Benchmark Report and Intelligent Demand’s work with leading global B2B organizations, this webinar will provide the guidance, frameworks, and expert advice you need to confidently move from “kicking the tires” to smart execution and real revenue results with account based.

After this webinar, you will:

  • - Know where account based fits within your revenue goals
  • - Walk away with the knowledge to create a 1:Few account based campaign that you can use as a “starter strategy” for proving ABM at your company
  • - Have the knowledge to move from account based episodic tactics to an integrated account based program
  • - Have access to TOPO’s 2019 Account Based Benchmark Report and ICP Guide

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