Optimize Your Tech Stack for Higher Revenue Growth

So, you’re ready to launch an Account Based strategy – where do you start? Who do you need on your team? What tools can you use for planning? And with all of the options available, what is the best tech to help demonstrate ABM’s ROI?

Led by Intelligent Demand Technology Strategy Director Eli Snyder, Sigstr VP of Marketing Justin Keller and LeanData VP of Business Development Asher Mathew, this webinar will teach you how use Intelligent Demand’s Real World Account Based Framework to launch a successful Account Based strategy, and how leveraging technologies such as Sigstr and LeanData as part of your tech stack can help you:

  • - Remove roadblocks from your ABM strategy
  • - Bring relationship intelligence into your most important contacts and accounts
  • - Clearly see how leads are routed
  • - See higher conversion rates when your sales team is focused on higher quality demand

And ultimately, align marketing and sales for higher revenue growth. 

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